Groundhog Day

4 Nov

This is my third autumn in the Burg. This is about the time I start getting the itch. The itch to move, to get a new job or a new hair do. Sometimes all of them at once. But, I’m not. I’m here.

Some days I wake up and sit on the porch of my super cool farm pad, drinking my $10 coffee and think “This is cool!”

Some nights I walk out on the same porch in frustration and wonder how far I can get on the tank of gas I have in the car.

The Burg is a conservative, religious town. We have had a hard time being gainfully employed and a harder time being entertained. The town is in a time warp. However, if we did the Time Warp dance we would probably be arrested and we would definitely go to hell.

Pops LOVES this town and he loves being driven around and telling stories.

Sadly, his verbal skills have severely declined. His pointing skills are superb. He can’t tell you where he wants to drive so you can get a good visual on the story he can no longer get out. So he leans way over the half way point in the cockpit his index finger touching the window on your side when its time to hang a left.

We get very few decipherable cues anymore about who, what or when the story he wants to tell is about. The good news is that there are only eight stories he likes to tell. The bad news is that we only know the punch line, not all the drawn out juicy details that make a good story entertaining.

1. His brother sold him to traveling gypsies when he was a kid
2. He was on a horse that got spooked by a train and it threw him off
3. Motorcycle wreck
4. His poppa had the hunting dogs on a leash and they pulled him into the dog run and the door fell on his head
5. A man at work almost got knocked into a fiery vat of melted iron
6. A family with a ton of kids lived on a packet boat in the river
7. He has an Uncle Sam and Aunt America
8. His poppa the Baptist preacher got his clothes wet when fishing and put on his grandmother’s dress so he could continue to fish in dry clothes

Yes – each and every one of these are fantastic stories. However, it is like the movie Groundhog Day now when the stories are told. As soon as they begin, which is about all Pops can manage, we state the punch line. All in all, these eight stories take about 5 minutes to run through, but we run through them several times, several times.

If you ever meet Pops, feel free to use the above numbered eight lines to have a conversation. It works.

This would be a much better blog if I could actually tell each story, in true storyteller mode, from beginning to end. It would be much better if Pops could tell them.

Many mornings my husband and I look at each other and say, “let’s just stay in bed”, but Back at Gobbler’s Knob…

We have to laugh or we would cry. We tell each other the very brief versions of these eight stories that we know and laugh til we cry. I think that is what Pop’s wants us to do.

Like Bill Murray’s character in the movie, there is a lesson for us here. When I know it, I will tell you the story.


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